Mentoring FAQs

How May We Help You?

You can review the on-boarding process for our mentor program here. The first step is to fill out our mentor program questionnaire here and a member of our hiring team will contact you.

Yes. We are very proud of the training program we have created for our advisors. We have in-person training, on-line classes, recorded webinars and professional training.  We can also assist in professional travel agent certification programs, including the Travel Institute Certified Travel Agents, Certified Travel Counselor, CLIA’s Master Cruise Counselor and more. Learn more about our training program here.

This varies based on the advisor. We offer accounting, business and marketing support. You also receive access to Virtuoso’s advisor benefits. We have an onsite Air Desk that assists with ticketing if you are not an experienced GDS user. You can find our more about our services here.

We suggest you budget $4,000 to $5,000 for training in your mentoring year. This includes training for the first year, travel to Glencoe, Illinois for your in-house training week, a trip to Virtuoso Travel Week and marketing and business costs (vary with advisor).

You can begin selling as soon as you complete the initial training session. Our advisors are expected to earn a minimum of $25,000 in commissions/fees in their first year. Most exceed this goal. Within three years, we expect new advisors to generate sales of $1 million or more. You earn money by selling travel, earning commissions on your sales, and by charging consulting fees.